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What are penalties for engaging in deceptive trade practices?

If you want to see if you're getting the best price for an item, then there are plenty of price comparison tools to use to do just that. This ease of access to pricing has made competition between retailers even fiercer, leading many to make false claims or engage in misleading tactics to get an item to sell.

Lessor, lessees: Have an attorney review your commercial lease

Most American adults have rented an apartment and are familiar with the basics of a residential lease. It spells out everything from who can occupy the apartment, to the terms of the rent and the security deposit, to who is responsible for paying the utility and water bills.

Grounds on which you can have a noncompete agreement thrown out

Although we live in an era in which many talk about free enterprise, many companies protect their investment in your training and your knowledge of the company's operations and products by having you sign a noncompete agreement. If you violate it, then you may end up facing hefty fines for doing so. Many judges in recent years have been throwing out noncompete agreements, though, on the grounds that they're too restrictive.

Why should an attorney help draft a partnership agreement?

In order for two parties to decide to go into business together, they often have to share similar goals, approaches to doing things and similar outlooks for the future. Oftentimes when they fail, it's because they no longer can see eye-to-eye on these same issues. This is why, before you go all in, share resources and get your finances entangled, there are a few steps that you and your business partner should take to protect yourselves.


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