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2 ways to prevent car accident injuries and deaths

If you're a motorist in Louisiana, you may consider yourself a relatively safe driver. However, not everyone else you share the road with is a safe or defensive driver. There are a few things you should do — beyond following the rules of the road and staying attentive — that can help you prevent serious injuries in the event that a negligent party causes a crash.

3 things you can do to stay safe on a motorcycle

No matter how experienced you are, you always face some significant risks when you ride a motorcycle. When someone in a car or a pickup truck makes a mistake and causes an accident, your injuries could be far worse than theirs. In some cases, motorcyclists are killed in accidents that leave other drivers without a scratch.

10 signs that could mean a driver is drunk

If you see a drunk driver, you absolutely want to keep your distance and stay safe. You may even want to pull over and contact the authorities. Accidents resulting from driving under the influence (DUI) cause numerous injuries and deaths every single year. Do not put yourself at risk.

A pregnant woman and her son are killed on U.S. 90 in Lafayette

A 25-year-old Youngsville, Louisiana, man was arrested and charged with causing a fatal car crash that killed a pregnant Franklin woman and her 23-month-old son on Tuesday, Aug. 7. The fatal accident occurred just before 6 p.m., along U.S. Highway 90 in Lafayette.

A University of Louisiana at Lafayette employee is struck, hurt

On June 5, a University of Louisiana at Lafayette employee was walking to her assigned parking space behind McDonald's in lot 33 near the intersection of W. St. Mary Boulevard and Johnson Street when she was struck by a motorist. Although she'd waiting for the cross signal to give her the go ahead and looked both ways once again before taking off, she was struck while crossing the street by the driver of a Nissan Altima.


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