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Why do roadway departure accidents occur?

A 2013 Federal Highway Administration (FHA) report captured how roadway departures account for at least one-half of all highway fatalities in this country every year. They can occur when a motorist crosses the center or edge line into oncoming traffic or trees or a car rolls over. There are steps that transportation officials and motorists can take to reduce their risk of having these types of crashes, though.

Constitutional rights defendants and victims enjoy in Louisiana

While the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of all Americans to enjoy certain freedoms, each state has their own constitution which affords those residing within its borders additional protections. Article I of the Louisiana Constitution is a Declaration of Rights (DOR). The 27 basic rights listed there are ones that all state residents are entitled to.

The many ways in which states tax the oil and gas industries

Technology has made performing operations in the oil and gas industries much more seamless during the past few decades. This has motivated many across Louisiana and other states to tap into these reserves for potential financial benefit. Lawmakers have responded in kind by imposing fees and taxes on the extraction, refining and sale of these industries' byproducts.


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