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Why do I have to pay Louisiana sales tax on my online purchases?

Louisiana is one of many states in the country that requires state residents to pay sales tax on purchases made online from out-of-state companies. This is authorized under Louisiana Revised Statute 47:302(K). State residents are expected to remit any monies due to the Louisiana Department of Revenue (DOR).

3 things you can do to stay safe on a motorcycle

No matter how experienced you are, you always face some significant risks when you ride a motorcycle. When someone in a car or a pickup truck makes a mistake and causes an accident, your injuries could be far worse than theirs. In some cases, motorcyclists are killed in accidents that leave other drivers without a scratch.

Lessor, lessees: Have an attorney review your commercial lease

Most American adults have rented an apartment and are familiar with the basics of a residential lease. It spells out everything from who can occupy the apartment, to the terms of the rent and the security deposit, to who is responsible for paying the utility and water bills.

A hearing in front of Louisiana's Supreme Court is not guaranteed

If you think back to your high school government class, then you probably remember hearing about the United States Supreme Court. It often takes on legal cases that have been decided in lower courts, reviews them and decides whether rulings made upheld the parties' constitutional rights. Louisiana's Supreme Court does much the same. Its justices are responsible for protecting the constitutional rights of our state's citizens.


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