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10 signs that could mean a driver is drunk

If you see a drunk driver, you absolutely want to keep your distance and stay safe. You may even want to pull over and contact the authorities. Accidents resulting from driving under the influence (DUI) cause numerous injuries and deaths every single year. Do not put yourself at risk.

Signs that you are suffering from whiplash

Even if a car accident is a only a slight rear-end collision, many Louisiana residents are still at risk of getting hurt in a crash. Most of the times, you cannot prepare for the impact and do not know when it is going to happen, so you are unable to brace for the crash to minimize any potential damage.

An Internal Revenue Service audit shouldn't be taken lightly

Most people's reaction to getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letting them know that their return is being audited would be met by fear. After all, tax officials only reevaluate the submissions of less than 1 percent of all filers each year. While this may be the case, when the spotlight is on you, that's enough to instill some fear in you. You may be wondering what the next steps that the IRS is going to take in your case.

Grounds on which you can have a noncompete agreement thrown out

Although we live in an era in which many talk about free enterprise, many companies protect their investment in your training and your knowledge of the company's operations and products by having you sign a noncompete agreement. If you violate it, then you may end up facing hefty fines for doing so. Many judges in recent years have been throwing out noncompete agreements, though, on the grounds that they're too restrictive.


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