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Dispute resolution methods in oil and gas leasing

Oil and gas contracts encounter frequent disputes. The question then is not whether a dispute will arise, but rather, how can that dispute be managed and resolved when it arises? These questions are frequently negotiated at the end of the deal before the contract is signed, rather than at the time of the dispute. However, if you are wondering how to best protect your investment, thinking about a dispute resolution strategy early on is advantageous.

A pregnant woman and her son are killed on U.S. 90 in Lafayette

A 25-year-old Youngsville, Louisiana, man was arrested and charged with causing a fatal car crash that killed a pregnant Franklin woman and her 23-month-old son on Tuesday, Aug. 7. The fatal accident occurred just before 6 p.m., along U.S. Highway 90 in Lafayette.

Tax laws that oil and gas companies owe can be hard to navigate

Ask any executive of an oil or gas company and they'll likely tell you that there are two factors that are constantly weighing on their minds. One is keeping their workers safe. Another is keeping the costs associated with remaining in compliance with regulators in check.

Why should an attorney help draft a partnership agreement?

In order for two parties to decide to go into business together, they often have to share similar goals, approaches to doing things and similar outlooks for the future. Oftentimes when they fail, it's because they no longer can see eye-to-eye on these same issues. This is why, before you go all in, share resources and get your finances entangled, there are a few steps that you and your business partner should take to protect yourselves.


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