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Issues that are considered to be violations of constitutional law

Louisiana and every other state in the country has their own constitution and then there's one for the entire United States as well.

Each of these lays out the limits of power of the different branches of government including on the legislative, judicial and executive levels. They also the basic civil rights that each individual has.

Tax laws that oil and gas companies owe can be hard to navigate

Ask any executive of an oil or gas company and they'll likely tell you that there are two factors that are constantly weighing on their minds. One is keeping their workers safe. Another is keeping the costs associated with remaining in compliance with regulators in check.

The costs that on and offshore oil and gas companies must pay in local, state and federal taxes are steep. States like Louisiana even have their own set of guidelines specifically written for companies in these industries to abide by.

Why should an attorney help draft a partnership agreement?

In order for two parties to decide to go into business together, they often have to share similar goals, approaches to doing things and similar outlooks for the future. Oftentimes when they fail, it's because they no longer can see eye-to-eye on these same issues. This is why, before you go all in, share resources and get your finances entangled, there are a few steps that you and your business partner should take to protect yourselves.

First, you'll want to make sure that you and your prospective partner don't engage in any substantial business without having a properly executed operating agreement in existence between the two of you. You shouldn't plan to make any significant life changes such as purchasing an office, moving to a new city or entering into any financial agreements without it.

Commuters: Protect yourself from distracted drivers

Across Louisiana and specifically throughout Lafayette, thousands of commuters travel to and from work downtown. With distractions at the tips of fingers, drivers choose to eat, drink and use their phones while operating 4,000-pound vehicles at 50 mph.

The dangers of distracted driving are significant. While you legally and safely drive down a roadway, an inattentive driver could injure you significantly. Though you cannot stop other drivers from making dangerous traffic decisions, you may be able to identify a distracted driver and avoid a serious crash.

A University of Louisiana at Lafayette employee is struck, hurt

On June 5, a University of Louisiana at Lafayette employee was walking to her assigned parking space behind McDonald's in lot 33 near the intersection of W. St. Mary Boulevard and Johnson Street when she was struck by a motorist. Although she'd waiting for the cross signal to give her the go ahead and looked both ways once again before taking off, she was struck while crossing the street by the driver of a Nissan Altima.

The impact of the crash sent the 23-year-old woman into the air. The woman ultimately came to rest nearby the driveway to Burger King a number of feet away.

What rights do bicyclists have in Louisiana?

For bicyclists, it can sometimes feel like a motor vehicle driver’s world here in Louisiana. However, it is important to remember that state law does provide important protections for those who ride bikes. Bicyclists are not without rights in the state.

Here are three key rights for bicyclists here in Louisiana:

Pedestrians: Know your rights in personal injury cases

Hit by a car. It is a risk you take as a pedestrian.

Across the nation, 129,000 pedestrians hit by motor vehicles received medical attention in 2015. Pedestrians are at a great risk when it comes to suffering personal injuries due to car crash incidents. These incidents typically stem from a driver being inattentive, speeding or driving under the influence. When vehicles are driving at high speeds, there is a greater chance the pedestrian struck will suffer a severe injury. There are steps victims can take so they may not have to pay out of their own pocket for these injuries.


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