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What rights do bicyclists have in Louisiana?

For bicyclists, it can sometimes feel like a motor vehicle driver’s world here in Louisiana. However, it is important to remember that state law does provide important protections for those who ride bikes. Bicyclists are not without rights in the state.

Here are three key rights for bicyclists here in Louisiana:

Pedestrians: Know your rights in personal injury cases

Hit by a car. It is a risk you take as a pedestrian.

Across the nation, 129,000 pedestrians hit by motor vehicles received medical attention in 2015. Pedestrians are at a great risk when it comes to suffering personal injuries due to car crash incidents. These incidents typically stem from a driver being inattentive, speeding or driving under the influence. When vehicles are driving at high speeds, there is a greater chance the pedestrian struck will suffer a severe injury. There are steps victims can take so they may not have to pay out of their own pocket for these injuries.


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