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Every level of government collects taxes and does so differently. It can be income tax, property tax, one of the "sin" taxes or in another way. Louisiana has not joined other states, and has elected to impose a "use" tax on out-of-state retailers. Considering Louisiana's dependence on sales and use taxes, this precludes it at the present time from complying with initiatives to bring about a uniform national sales tax system. Louisiana has a bifurcated system with state and local taxing jurisdictions each acting independently. It also has higher sales and use tax rates of about 5 percent.

Located in Lafayette and serving clients' business and corporate law needs at the local, state and federal level, Stephen Hawley Myers, LLC, provides valuable guidance to clients trying to navigate these unique and complicated tax systems. Tax compliance laws change constantly. Therefore, it is always advisable for businesses and individuals to use a lawyer who is up to date on all new legislation, rulings in the higher courts (including federal decisions), ballot initiatives and other means.

Tax Law Services We Offer

From filing corporation tax returns to handling IRS audits in the most advantageous manner, clients trust us to find solutions to their tax issues. These include:

  • Tax audits and appeals
  • Local, state and IRS tax collections
  • Cross-border tax issues
  • Business and payroll taxes

In one notable case, Mr. Myers was the sole attorney in a national test case concerning 22 consolidated tax claims that comprised 38 individual clients that totaled $20 million in potential tax liability.

Tax Law Services We Offer To Petroleum And Energy Clients

Stephen Myers has developed a special knowledge in litigating taxation-related questions on behalf of petroleum and energy clients. These disputes have included such issues as:

  • Liability for Louisiana state sales and use taxes
  • The fair market value of drilling assets for purposes of determining liability for sales and use taxes
  • Challenging an interpretation by the Louisiana Department of Revenue on off-shore sales and use tax exemptions
  • The availability of an investment tax credit in the petroleum industry
  • Challenging the constitutionality of judicial interpretations of Louisiana state tax exemptions
  • The interpretation of tax-exempt status in retroactive legislation

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