The Right Compensation For Injuries

Those injured in an accident due to the purported negligence of others need an experienced personal injury attorney who will be there from initial impact to final resolution. Whether it is in court or through negotiation, the law firm of Stephen Hawley Myers, LLC, works hands-on with clients as either the prosecution or defense to get the quality results you deserve.

A veteran of more than 370 court cases, attorney Stephen Myers learned his way around a courtroom representing clients involved in potentially serious injury claims. He continues to do personal injury work and has steadfastly represented individuals, companies and local governments to get the results they need.

Typical Cases We Handle

We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including the following:

  • Auto accidents: The roads here in Louisiana can be dangerous for those driving motor vehicles and pedestrians. Serious injuries can result.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents: Hospitality and retail establishments often face disputes because of slippery floors or unmarked obstacles.
  • Premises liability: This occurs when the tenant or property owner potentially fails to safely operate, maintain or repair a work site, retail space or private property.
  • Dog bites: The owner of the dog (or other pet) may be held responsible for damages if the animal potentially attacks or injures the plaintiff.

We Work Both Sides In Personal Injury

It is a distinct advantage to have a lawyer who knows what the other side is thinking. Whether it is a motor vehicle accident or liability issue tied to property, this strategic advantage means that Stephen Myers can foresee all courses of action and be prepared for any eventuality. This can be a tremendous advantage in court or in negotiations leading to potential litigation.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case

Call our office at 337-761-6219 to schedule a free initial consultation. Clients can also reach us online by using the intake form on this website. We serve the people of Lafayette, the surrounding parishes and all of Louisiana by providing a wide range of legal services, including representation in personal injury cases.